Painting 6

Painting 5

Devil Anse Hatfield and the porker that started it all.
Who knew bringin home the bacon would spark a century long feud.
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Painting 4

Cas Walker, beloved Knoxville grocer, politician, and enemy of flouride. The story behind this painting is a good ole tale. George Dempster, of Dempster Dumpster fame was once asked what he thought of fellow councilman Cas Walker.
George replied, “If I ordered a carload of SOB’s and only Cas showed up, I’d Still sign for it.”
Aren’t frenemies the best?
Limited Edition prints. Image size 9×14 professionally printed on archival 11×16 paper. $40. Indulge in some Knoxvegas nostalgia!

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Painting 3

What if Hank Sr played one last concert before he left Knoxville?
Maybe his playbill would look something like this.
Limited Edition prints. Image size 10×10 professionally printed on archival paper. $40

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Painting 2

Popcorn Sutton, purveyor of fine corn spirits and all around hillbilly entrepreneur.
Image is 8.5×11 professionally printed on archival 11×14 paper.
Limited edition of 5000, all prints signed and numbered.

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